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Tammy Brown, Probate Judge

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Cullman County
Judge of Probate



The Judge of Probate handles the probate of estates of those who die with a will and the administration of estates of those who die without a will.

The Probate Court also handles the following cases:

  • Conservatorships
  • Guardianships
  • Condemnations
  • Summary Distribution
  • Name Changes
  • Legitimations
  • Adoptions
  • Commitments
  • Other Jurisdictional Court Procedures

I consider every job in the Probate Office to be important and all Probate Office Employees to be assets to Cullman County. My vision is to provide effective, efficient, and professional service to the citizens of Cullman County.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 970
Cullman, AL 35056-0970

Office Hours

Probate Office: 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday - Friday.

Driver License Department: 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday - Friday

(Closed on State Holidays)

Phone by Location

Cullman Office: (256)775-4665

Probate Court: (256)775-4665

Fax: (256)775-4813

Dodge City Annex: (256)287-1093

Baileyton Annex: (256)796-3300

Hanceville Annex: (256)352-6036

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Probate Office Directory

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Probate Court


NOTE: The Probate Judge or employees cannot give legal advice. Forms are not provided by the Probate office.

Probate Court Actions and Fee Schedule PDF Probate Court Actions and Fee Schedule


The Judge of Probate is the Chief Election Official (17-1-3)
of Cullman County.

The Fair Campaign Practices Act (FCPA) gives probate judges responsibilities for accepting campaign disclosure records from candidates and political action committees in elections involving Local Offices or Propositions concerning a Single County, a Division of the County or Municipal races in the county.

The Secretary of State provides FCPA forms to probate judges for distribution to candidates and political actions committees (17-5-11).

Filing Guides and other education material about campaign disclosure can also be obtained from the Secretary of State. All forms can be downloaded at the Secretary of State web-site.

Candidates/Principal Campaign Committees and Political Action Commitees in local elections file reports of Contributions and Expenditures at various times with the probate judge's office during an election cycle. Forms may now be filed on-line.

2016 Election Dates:
Presidential Primary Election - March 1, 2016
Statewide Primary Election - March 1, 2016
Primary Runoff Election - April 12, 2016
General Election - November 8, 2016

Election informational PDF 2016 Election Information

Elections 2016 Sample Ballot PDF 2016 Election Sample Ballot (11/8/2016)

Election Links:


Driver License Department

Phone: (256)775-4812

Driver License Information PDF Hours, Fees, Etc.

Driver License Information PDF Fee Change Sheet Effective 2/9/2015

Driver License Information PDF Name Change Notice Probate Revised 2/23/2015

Visit the Alabama Department of Public Safety Website.


Licensing Department

Select the file to view contact information and associated fees for the type of license that you require.

Boat License Information PDF Boat License Information

Business License Info PDF Business License Information

Business License Application PDF Business License Application

Hunting and Fishing License Info PDF Hunting and Fishing License Information

Marriage License Fee Increase Effective January 1, 2016 Marriage License Fee Increase 2016

Marriage License Info PDF Marriage License Guidelines

Marriage License Info PDF Marriage License FAQs


Recording Department

Recording Fee Information PDF Recording Fee Information

Secretary of State Fees PDF Secretary of State Fees and Information


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Honorable Greg Nicholas

Honorable Greg Nicholas
Circuit Judge

Honorable Martha Williams

Honorable Martha Williams
Circuit Judge

Honorable Kim Chaney

Honorable Kim Chaney
District Judge

Honorable Rusty Turner

Honorable Rusty Turner
Distric Judge

Honorable Tammy Brown

Honorable Tammy Brown
Judge of Probate

Lis McSwain

Lisa McSwain
Circuit Clerk